Refractory supplies are products that are used in the construction of building furnaces, kilns, boilers, ovens and other industrial equipment that are capable of withstanding intense heat and fire.

Roly Industries have been supplying refractory products throughout Kalgoorlie and WA for over 20 years. We are a renowned vendor of many refractory supplies including; furnace relines and kits, refractory castings, burner ports, pouring spouts, crucibles, crucible stands, furnace locating key bricks, ceramic fibre blankets and vacuum board, brick mortar and refractory cement and more.

Many of our longstanding clients continue coming back to Roly Industries for all their refractory supply needs due to our high level of product knowledge, service experience and customer satisfaction. Not to mention we source the highest quality products at very competitive prices.

Why choose our Refractory Supplies?

  • Industry Experience: With over two decades of supplying refractory we have a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and expertise to help you select the right products to suit your projects.
  • Comprehensive Product Range: Our inventory includes a wide range of refractory supplies, from furnace relines and kits to refractory castings, burner ports, and more. Our huge selection allows you to find all your refractory needs under one roof.
  • Quality and Cost-Effective Solutions: We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality refractory products while maintaining competitive pricing. We understand the importance of both performance and budget considerations.

Check out our gallery to view our refractory supplies, or contact us for further information.

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