• Mild Steel Fabrication and Welding

    Skid bases (substation and pumps), substation fences (U/G cuddy and perimeter), electrical substation enclosures, switch boards and switchboard support frames, hooded support stands, custom trailers, sheds, pump bases and guards.

  • Aluminium Fabrication and Welding

    Vehicle carry rack, aluminium tool boxes, enclosures

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication and Welding

    Electrical substation enclosures, Industrial Range Hood, sample drying / calcine trays

  • Sheet Metal Work

    Trays, toolboxes, enclosures, oil retention enclosures

  • Turret Punch

    Enables us to cut out components to manufacture in precise detail one off and multiple components

  • Powder coating / sandblasting

  • Gold Room Equipment

    Bullion moulds, carbon count scoops / cylinders, furnace / oven manufacturing and repairs, tongs (crucible, bullion and assays), stainless steel trays, stainless steel flux shovels and scoops, personnel safety equipment

  • Refractory Supplies

    Furnace relines and kits, Refractory castings, Burner ports, pouring spouts, crucibles, crucible stands, furnace locating key bricks, ceramic fibre blankets and vacuum board, brick mortar and refractory cement

Steel Fabrication, Powder Coating…

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