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Roly Industries: Steel Fabricators & Powder Coaters WA

Roly Industries Pty Ltd is an entirely family owned and operated metal fabrication company which was established in 1987.

We have been actively involved in the mining industry in the Goldfields and other mining areas throughout Australia and internationally, with our products in South East Asia, PNG, New Zealand and West Africa.

To keep us involved in the diverse mining industry we have several services available:

  • Gold room equipment from miscellaneous consumables to Gold Furnaces
  • Refractory Supplies from pouring spouts to Furnace Relines
  • Metal Fabrication and Powder Coating

We strive to give our clients a One Stop Shop, with the design and manufacturing of all their needs to the finished product.

We perform all types of metal fabrication and specialise in Stainless Steel and Aluminium Fabrication.

To enhance our company’s competitive edge in our chosen filed, we purchased a CNC Turret Punch. This has enabled us to manufacture to precise detail one off and multiple components. It has also assisted us with the manufacturing of electrical enclosures, substation boards and toolboxes etc.

To enable us to offer the highest standard of finish to our products, we opened our Powder Coat Division in 2004.

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