Roly Industries are expert aluminium fabricators that manufacture and supply a diverse array of products suited to many of Western Australia’s primary industrial sectors of mining, agriculture and construction.

Aluminium is a highly versatile material that is flexible, strong, and very durable. It is both heat and corrosion-resistant, making it the ideal material for marine applications. This lightweight product can be moulded effortlessly into the desired shape and is malleable enough to be used in even the most intricate of projects.

Aluminium fabrication is typically favoured when you need a material to provide maximum strength whilst remaining as lightweight as possible, for example, custom-made fuel tanks or repairs for boats and vehicles.

Benefits of our Aluminium Fabrication and Welding Services

  • Adaptability and Durability: Aluminium is a highly adaptable material that is not only flexible but also exceptionally durable. This makes it ideal for applications in demanding industries like mining, agriculture, and construction, where products need to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Heat & Corrosion Resistant: Aluminium’s natural corrosion resistance and ability to withstand high temperatures make it particularly suitable for marine applications. The material’s resistance to rust and ability to maintain structural integrity, gives it an advantage over other materials in extreme conditions.
  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminium fabrication excels when you require maximum strength while keeping weight to a minimum. This property is valuable in various applications, where the material needs to be strong enough to meet safety and performance standards while ensuring that weight doesn’t compromise efficiency.

When it comes to aluminium fabrication and welding, Roly Industries has you covered regardless of how small or grand the size of your project is. Check out our gallery for more examples of our aluminium fabrication & welding products and contact us for more information.

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